罗宾·波什罗宾·博舍爵士现在是一名独立学校顾问和教育标准局督察. He was the Ofsted Regional Director for the South East and National Director for Inspection Quality and Training as well as an HMI.

在此之前,他是哈里斯联盟的教育总监. 在此期间,他开办了九所资助学院和几所免费学校.

当了二十二年的校长,在这期间,他领导了五所不同的小学.  最近费尔劳恩联合会的执行校长, 刘易舍姆的Haseltine和Kilmorie学校.  英国教育标准局(OFSTED)认为费尔劳恩在各方面都很优秀.

Sir Robin was a National Leader of Education and Fairlawn was a National Support School and was designated as one of the first 教学 Schools in the country.  罗宾爵士在2010年被授予全国大学学校系统年度领袖奖.  他是一名NPQH教练,在NPQH项目上工作了十多年. 

Sir Robin has worked as a DfE Adviser and he led the London Challenge Primary Programme as the Operational Director.  He was Headteacher on the board of the DfE ‘Achievement for All’ steering board and was a member of the DfE Reference Group.

Sir 罗宾·波什 was knighted for services to education in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Birthday honours, 2012年6月.




I am passionate about supporting our young people in the Community in achieving the very best that they are able too. 我很自豪能够支持LPGS的负责人和领导团队实现这一目标. 在我的职业生涯中,我是NHS的高级执行官, 并持有公共管理硕士学位. 我向理事机构提供的正是这些技能和经验.



TB我于2021年10月加入理事会,担任保护理事. 这是一个我非常认真地承担的角色. 为同事和员工提供多年的培训, 我明白这方面的管理在确保所有学生和工作人员的安全方面的重要性, 快乐, 和重视. 

我是一名小学校长,我已经担任学校领导超过14年. 在许多不同的环境中,我一直是改变和改善学生成绩的驱动力.  Whilst Director of Education in a 原理图ool in Islington I became an assessment moderator for writing at KS2 in the borough. 

I am passionate about staff development and when working for the London Diocese of Schools I was instrumental in developing the training manual and the delivery of this programme to PGCE teacher trainees. 

I had the privilege of developing Maths Mastery in its early stages and enjoyed being part of the DFE People to People Exchange with Shanghai; where I was able to use pedagogy from China to transform the Maths curriculum in my 原理图ool with exceptional outcomes. 

My youngest daughter attends LPGS and I am proud to be able to be part of the committed and aspirational team of professionals to support and uphold the values of the 原理图ool. 


在LPGS工作了9年, 我对员工有一种忠诚和联系, 学生和家长/照顾者. I started at LPGS as the Head of PE and have since held various roles including Head of Performing Arts, 现担任全校首席实践者.  我是一个狂热的体育迷, 我在贝斯利的一个冰球俱乐部打球并担任教练, 经常在周六碰到学生.

作为在学校工作的人, we all value the input we have in educating our students and equipping the next generation for life. I am excited for the opportunity to work with a broader range of professionals and be involved in the strategic decisions and future direction of the 原理图ool. I am committed to working in partnership to support the Headteacher and staff on this journey together whilst keeping the 原理图ool focused on our objectives of empowerment and excellence. 我的目标是运用我的知识, 技能和判断力支持, 鼓励, and where necessary challenge decisions in the pursuit of not only better outcomes for all our students but a great working environment and experience for all our staff.



I have been on the governing body at LPGS for three years dedicating time that I have in the day to the 原理图ool. I previously worked in the City in Investment Banks and then became a full time mum when my daughter was born. I have always taken a keen interest in my children’s 原理图ools - I was Co-Chair of the PTA at Pickhurst for four years. Last year I became a Cookery Tutor for Bromley Adult Education Centre and completed a Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

 LPGS has always had a fantastic reputation and I feel it is very important to maintain this and keep up the high standard of education and excellent results. 能够成为LPGS的理事,我感到非常自豪.


WH图片I am proud to have been serving on the 管理机构 at Langley Park School for Girls since 2018.  我是一名会计师,曾为公共和私人机构工作过, 在卫生, 社会关怀和其他部门.  I am pleased to bring my financial experience to 原理图ool governance and play a part in helping to further improve the 原理图ool, 为了学生和教职员的利益.  I am proud of the caring and supportive environment created at LPGS and to see the hard work and dedication of the management team, 整个学校的教学人员和辅助人员.



朱利安·马我于2020年夏天加入理事机构担任家长理事. 一个女儿最近离开了,另一个还在学校, 2020/2021年是我当家长的第六年.

我是圣. 乔治的, University of London where my research group focuses on technologies to develop vaccines that are affordable to low income countries. 在圣. 乔治的, 自2014年以来,我一直担任感染与免疫研究所所长, 由45个医学前沿研究团队组成. 在这个职位上,我是大学高级领导团队的一员.

我坚信要为年轻人创造机会. 七年来,我一直是St. 这涉及到和当地人的合作, 国家和国际学校和其他组织.


拉维尼娅帕克我在2022年11月当选为家长总监,有一个女儿在学校上学.  我很自豪能担任州长,就像学校里的每一位家长一样, 我希望澳门永利注册的孩子都能过得最好.  我承诺确保每个参加LPGS的孩子都是安全的, 快乐, 有信心,能够充分发挥自己的潜力,做到最好.

I have worked in the housing sector for over fifteen years in various roles and I am pleased to bring my strategy and policy experience, 以及我的素质发展, 绩效监测和政策分析的经验,以此学校治理角色.  也, equally important is my contribution to bring a parent’s perspective to question and where necessary challenge decisions. 

我的爱好包括在俱乐部打无挡板篮球和羽毛球.  我对社会正义问题,尤其是住房问题,有着浓厚的兴趣, 教育与人权.  我是工作单位种族平等网络的秘书, 与员工和领导一起确保平等, 多样性和包容性是本组织的核心.       

成为州长, I would like to make a valuable contribution to the 原理图ool community by influencing and ensuring high standards of education are maintained and strives to keep improving within the 原理图ool. 我钦佩他们的奉献精神, 护理, hard work and professionalism of the staff that have provided the supportive environment and academic reputation of the 原理图ool. I look forward to working together with all staff and my fellow governors to ensure the 原理图ool’s continued success and excellent outcomes for pupils and staff.

Selda Ziya (

Selda Ziya (I have been involved in education for most of my working life and started as a Primary 原理图ool teacher in Croydon, 后来又晋升到高级领导职位. 我还在克莱尔豪斯学校短暂地教过书. During my teaching 护理er I developed an interest in education technology and then joined a leading edtech company where I headed a global team. 在澳门永利注册的共同努力下,在线教师社区的人数超过了1人.500万会员,并与世界知名组织建立了合作伙伴关系.

我现在是伦敦地方政府的顾问, 在那里,我能够把我对所有学生的优秀教育的驱动结合起来, 用我对科技和网络安全的热情. 我支持学校开设计算机课程, edtech策略, 远程学习, 数字的技能, 政府计划, 以及领导与知名科技公司和初创企业的合作项目. I am also a CEOP Ambassador and enjoy delivering online safety talks to 原理图ools and relevant bodies.

亲眼目睹了学校为我妹妹提供的优质教育. 能够成为LPGS的总监,我感到非常荣幸和兴奋. 我致力于在学校的成功和卓越成就的基础上再接再厉, by being part of a dynamic team that supports and ensures the best outcomes for the pupils and staff.


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